Junior Unit 1, Pre-reading

Li and Ben study nature

Li and Ben, a couple of adventurous friends, love going on field trips. They embark on a journey around the world, to get to know nature up close, to study different kinds of animals, plants and natural phenomena.

We will join them on their adventure-packed journey of discovery, collecting many different experiences along the way. Through their adventures we will enrich their Hebrew vocabulary, we will gain exposure to all the letters in the Hebrew alphabet and we will lay the groundwork for their first steps in reading and writing. 

​We will visit wonderful places, colorful and magical. We will conduct interesting scientific experiments and create fantastic craft projects.  

The activities will include educational tasks with emphasis on scientific experimentation and artistic creativity. 

Together we will stimulate the children’s curiosity, their inquisitiveness and problem-solving skills while creating a space for expressing thoughts and emotions, putting ideas into words and opinions while engaging in gratifying communication. 


Junior, Unit 3, early reading and writing, Continued

Magician’s School

One day Daniel and Adam, two inquisitive friends, walk into a curious, secret, magical store.

Without realizing it, they utter some magical incantations, through which they arrive at... Magician’s School! 

Here they meet new friends and interesting teachers, have magical experiences and through their magic they go anywhere they want!

They visit their favorite places and places they had always dreamed of visiting. They make dreams come true, they experiment with interesting scientific ideas and create magical works of art.

Through their exposure to Li and Ben’s personal and interpersonal experiences, through the way they cope with various social situations, we open up a space for expressing the children’s thoughts and emotions. Together, while tackling experiential, informative tasks, we will enrich their vocabulary with special emphasis on early reading and writing.

Familia ilustrada

Junior, Unit 2, early reading and writing

What will I want to be when I grow up?

Li and Ben, a couple of friends, love to dream and imagine themselves as adults. They’re very curious to find out what they’ll do when they grow up.

Li and Ben decide to go on a wonderous, captivating journey in which they investigate various professions and jobs from their nearby surroundings all the way to making wishes and making dreams come true.

This quest affords Li and Ben a host of experiences through which they get to know lots of professions. On the way they get to know themselves too, what interests them, what attracts their attention. They visit fascinating places, they get to make wishes and have many interesting encounters.

Through their exposure to Li and Ben’s personal experiences, through the way they cope with various social situations, we open up a space for expressing the children’s thoughts and feelings, all through the use of the Hebrew language, learning it and taking the first steps toward literacy.

The lessons will focus on the range of professions.


Together we will enrich their vocabulary, tackle tasks requiring creativity and rewarding with experiences, while letting the children express their interests, skills, wishes and desires.

Ciudad en el Valle

Junior, Unit 4, reading and writing consolidation

A journey through imagination to fantasyland.

Daniel and Adam, riding the wings of their imagination, arrive in a fantasyland filled with wonderous creatures - giants, dragons, trolls, unicorns, knights, amazons... the list goes on.

On their journey they bump into a variety of personal and social situations. Together with the children they seek the skills they need to help them cope (accepting the other, coping with fear, self-confidence, asking for help, asking for forgiveness, and so forth). 

They deal with many challenges, solve every problem, and on the way they gain exposure to Hebrew at its fullest - reading, writing, speaking and listening. On their journey they are introduced to a broad vocabulary while picking up values on the way, all with emphasis on strengthening their reading and writing skills