Estructuras de papel

Ages 3-4, preschool 1

Colors and shapes around the world

Our two good bunny friends, Kfitz and Nona embark on a fascinating journey into the world of shapes and colors. 

On their way they learn about their immediate surroundings and about the wide, wide world around them. They study things together, gaining experiences along the way but they keep up their good friendship at all times.

Kfitz is a playful, lively, edgy, spontaneous fella, while Nona is an inquisitive, attentive, cautious, mellow kind of girl. 

​On their wondrous journey they meet new friends, are exposed to new, unexpected experiences, they learn songs and encounter exciting tales in a shower of shapes and colors.

ciudad Scape

Age 5, preschool 2

Adventures in the neighborhood

Mago and Maga are two talented magicians. They attend the School for Beginner Magicians. 

They are chosen for a mission outside their school together with their wise old bearded teacher the wizard, master of all the secrets of sorcery. 

On their journey together, they meet new friends, get to know the wondrous natural world around them and learn how to be good friends. 

Mago and Maga are very different from one another. In fact, their personalities are exact opposites. Mago is a conscientious student, careful and diligent, always on time, very orderly. He always follows the rules, always obeys what he learned in school.

Maga, on the other hand, is a vivacious, talkative magician. She loves experiencing new things and she’s fearless. She’ll try to solve any problem by inventing a new magic incantation. Mago will always try to stop her, to find the solution in his sorcery book. 

​Their mission turns out to be a colorful, captivating adventure. Each one of them brings out the positive powers within them and with Maga’s guts and Mago’s caution they manage to overcome every obstacle, arriving safely at the solution they have been looking for.

With the magicians, every adventure brings with it moments of excitement. Likewise, we will magically enrich the Hebrew vocabulary that will be helpful for the kids through everyday, useful language. The children will gain exposure to the written word, will break down words into syllables through rhyme games, opposites and a feast of sounds.