Teens, Unit 1, early reading

The Two Aliens

The course will focus on learning Hebrew through the story of two aliens, newly arrived on Planet Earth. They’re sent on a special mission to explore the Land of Israel. As they explore, they’re exposed to the Hebrew language and decide they want to learn it. Luckily, they meet two local Hebrew-speaking children who help them learn the local language and Israeli culture with all its nuances. 

The experiences the aliens go through as they arrive in a new place with a new language, new culture, is common to all of Ivritli’s students. Together with them they will learn Hebrew through interesting, engaging experiences including excursions and fun all over the country.


Through the aliens’ introduction to Hebrew in Israel, the students will learn to pronounce, read and write Hebrew in an interesting, fun way while at the same time being given a closer look at Israeli culture.


Teens, Unit 3, informative text

The Ivritli Gang’s journey around the world

The Ivritli Gang is a funny, smart and highly diverse bunch. Its members are teenagers from all over the world, traveling Israel and the rest of the world together. On their journey they learn, investigate, experience and learn new lessons everywhere. 

The Gang grapples with different dilemmas concerning many issues that are on teenagers’ minds wherever they may be in the world. We’ll talk about love, family, school, friends, religion, home, homeland, belonging, adolescence, hobbies and more.

Through adventure-packed trips and by coping with the various dilemmas, the students will learn Hebrew, Hebrew culture and improve their fluency in reading and comprehension of a broad spectrum of issues on their minds.

otoño de la muchacha

Teens, Unit 2, reading consolidation

The Superheroes

Learning Hebrew with the Ivritli Superheroes

Knowledge of a language is power, a superpower - the kind superheroes have! 


To learn a new language is to fearlessly cope with new situations, unfamiliar sounds, new words, different cultures. It means creating an entire new world, an inner, expansive world.  

Every lesson our students, themselves superheroes, will be introduced to other superheroes from around the world. 

In an exciting, informative journey, they will accompany our superheroes in their quest to change the world and make it a better place. As they accomplish their mission, the superheroes will deal with situations and dilemmas related to issues of sustainability and the environment. Through that they will learn and consolidate their Hebrew skills.

The superheroes deal with many challenges, solve every problem, and on the way they gain exposure to Hebrew at its fullest - reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

The journey brings them together with a broad vocabulary while picking up values on the way, all with emphasis on strengthening their reading and writing.

Looking at the Sun

Teens, Unit 4, advanced reading and writing

The Ivritli Gang’s journey to space

The youngsters in the Ivritli Gang have grown over the year and press on with their adventures.

This time they’re off into space!! 

First they will learn how to do space travel and then they themselves will launch on various space journeys. They’ll stop in at space stations, land on the moon and on other stars. 

On these journeys they’ll learn Hebrew, they’ll tackle difficult texts, draw conclusions and develop their comprehension and writing skills based on the written material.