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The course is divided by age and level and adapted according to the students’ cognitive development.

Every age group has four study units structured for systematic, gradual progress. In each unit the students will be meeting a new story with unusual, captivating characters. Together with these characters, the students embark on an age-adjusted quest to discover a new topic with an ever-growing vocabulary. The students will learn to identify with the characters through the story and express themselves. In each session they will practice expressing themselves while developing their reading and writing skills. 


Over the year the students will learn new fundamentals of the Hebrew language - nouns, adjectives and sentence structure. All this will be done with emphasis on fluency and on expressing oneself on everyday issues.

The teachers at Ivritli will, with every lesson or experiential activity, teach new linguistic skills, all of which are important for the students’ development. These skills are divided according to various fields, laying the foundation for reading and writing skills.